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We offer reflexology for feet, hands and ears, and effective approaches to reducing foot pain. Our Reflexology School (licensed by WFTB, approved by DOH) offers over 300 hours of reflexology classes for aspiring practitioners and current professionals.

Reflexology is a deeply healing form of bodywork. Its effects on practitioner and client alike are very powerful and far-reaching. Facilitating a sense of deep connection and harmony within the recipient, this ancient art helps individuals become more internally integrated and balanced, enhancing both inner peace and healing potential.

Therapeutic reflexology provides a means to achieve vibrant health, increase energy, reduce pain and live a more dynamic and authentic life. The balance achieved in each person translates vitality and health to the entire community.

Reflexology Association of America

Thinking of joining a reflexology organization? Look below at the impact of participating. If you're a member of a state organization like Washington Reflexology Assn, consider adding your strength to the group and to the field by becoming a board member!

A wonderful message from Emma Gierschick, former President of the Reflexology Association of Australia and former Board member of the International Council of Reflexologists:

“You may well be a new member, a new graduate, or maybe you’ve been sitting in the background for a number of years wondering. Whatever your circumstances, I cannot encourage you strongly enough to consider joining either a State Committee or the Board of Directors.

I speak with honesty when I say that for every moment of service I gave to the advancement of Reflexology and the RAoA, it has come back to me tenfold in other ways.

This is a unique opportunity to not only advance the profession you studied hard to join, but to develop skills through an ‘apprenticeship’, while being supported and mentored by more experienced colleagues. Give it a shot – you will be pleasantly surprised.”

RLD students - have you seen this!!?


RLD students - check this out!

I'm looking for a few unique RLD related quotes or short story to include in a case study chapter of the book. If you would like to submit a short write up, 200-500 words or a simple quote please email these to me at <3 x
With so many fantastic case studies and success stories to choose from....spoilt for choice! Thought it would be nice to include some unique quotes, details to help and inspire others when the book is published <3 x

Adjacent-joint arthritis after ankle arthrodesis | Lower Extremity Review Magazine

Here's some helpful information about local foot structure and biomechanics...


So students - chime in if you think I should invite Carol Samuel (the author of this article and Reflexmaster herself) to Seattle! I know I'm in!!!

And so my research continued to go round and around.
Not seen it before?
Want to know more?

Join my workshops on Supporting the client in pain with reflexology' to find out more. Visit: to find out if there is a course in your area or email me:

Washington Senators, Representatives, and Congressional District Maps -

Are you thankful for the ongoing efforts of your elected officials? Offer them a little down time! Thank them through a restorative, refreshing reflexology session. Let's bring our best healing skills to those working on behalf of the integrity of our nation. Send them a gift certificate! Contact them to offer a complimentary session! Keep these hard-working advocates working with a clear head and good perspective with your contribution! I'm certain that the benefits of your gift will be broadly felt. For Washingtonians, this site will tell you who they are (it includes congressional district maps): Find your U.S. Congress senators and representative in Washington using a map.

Reflexology and Mental Health | Alternative Mental Health

"Reflexology is rapidly becoming one of the most popular complementary therapies available today. There are a number of reasons for this: reflexology is simple, safe and very effective; the patient does not need to undress and the therapist uses only his or her hands to give a treatment. Although a therapy in its own right, it works well with other forms of medicine, both orthodox and complementary."

"When choosing a reflexologist, it is wise to make sure that the practitioner has been properly trained at a reputable school and is a full member of a professional organization." A reflex is a point on the body which, when stimulated, will have an effect on another part of the body. The classic one is the knee jerk reflex. If you tap the knee, the reflex action is the spasm of the thigh muscles which makes the knee jerk.

Whether you're taking Dr. Manzanares class or not, here's something to learn about him and his studies:



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