Center Stage Preschool

Center Stage Academy is a Montessori inspired preschool and child care center that introduces different cultures each month and focuses on the performing arts.

Center Stage Preschool is a mixed-age Montessori approach curriculum, that is also proud to offer a fine arts focus, along with a monthly global awareness theme!

At Center Stage in Ashburn, VA, we believe that children have a voice and a choice. We use role-playing games to introduce emotions, and equip them with vocabulary to help the children be able to communicate their feelings within their world. We also introduce many mediums and genres of the arts! Dance, theater, music, art, language, and instruments are all a MAJOR part of our curriculum!

Our Ashburn preschool classes serve children ages 3 to 6 years, and it is between these ages that children are in what is called the absorbent phase. Everything a child touches or experiences is absorbed and stored away for their future academic use. Being mindful of this absorbent phase, we have created an environment where all the materials and curriculum are available at your child's fingertips!

Center Stage in Ashburn, VA Summer Camps for Ages 3-6 are also a great way to find out if our yearly program is right for your family.

And, now you can send your Kindergartner to our After School Program in Ashburn, VA as well!

The best way to find out about our amazing preschool classes in Ashburn is to come and take a tour! Call us to schedule a perfect time, and we will see you soon!

There are so many fun and exciting ways of incorporating Sensory and Practical Life skills into any curriculum unit. At our Ashburn Preschool, we are firm believers in getting our hands messy.

In a world, full of, “Don’t make a mess!”. I tend to want to buck the system and make our preschool world a place of “YES” let’s give it a try. Our Jungle Slime project is a perfect example of hands on learning!

Fine motor skills are achieved when children learn to use their smaller muscles, like muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists. Children use their fine motor skills when writing, holding small items, buttoning clothing, turning pages, eating, and cutting with scissors.

Mastery of fine motor skills requires precision and coordination.
Fine motor skills develop after gross motor skills, which control actions like throwing and kicking balls, as well as walking and jumping. Gross motor skills utilize larger muscle groups and require less precision.

SUMMER CAMP, ages 3-6!

Our goal here at Center Stage Preschool is to keep the children excited about learning while giving the core subjects a little break over the Summer. We don’t want our students growing weary over their academics. Let’s keep those channels of learning and discovery open and accessible through summer break! Our Summer Camp in Ashburn will be packed with exciting adventures every week! Learning is fun especially when we get to explore fun themes with our camp friends. Our program is filled with activities, crafts, improves, games and creative movement! It will be as much fun as anyone can have at school! Ms. Heather calls it… “Summer Stay-cation!”

Read more about the Summer Camp on our Website!

Ready for your child to have the most exciting preschool experience EVER?!? Looking for a place where your child's creativity is welcomed and encouraged? found us :)

Open House this Saturday, Feb 18th from 10am-12pm! Now registering students for SUMMER CAMP, as well as the FALL! We can also start your child as early as this coming week :) Be sure to ask about our AFTERNOON HALF DAY program that will start this fall as well. Here is our Event Link, tag a friend!

Outside Play!!!!

The warm weather is a great opportunity to use the outdoor space for circle time!

The anticipation and excitement rise as Wednesdays gets closer. It's "Show and Tell" day and every student get to show their favorite thing! It is a chance for them to take a center stage in front of their friends. This helps the children to learn and experience public speaking - a skill that they will use throughout his/her life.

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Open House This Saturday!
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Center Stage Open House
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We are located in Ashburn, VA and work with students throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington area, with programs suited to all levels of singers.