GLS - German Language School Seattle

The German Language School for Children provides German Language classes for children K-12 and adults in Seattle.

The German Language School for Children was founded in 1965 and currently provides German Language classes for nearly a hundred children in classes ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Adult Classes are available as well.

Excellent Teaching Classes are conducted by certified teachers with excellent German language backgrounds and native speaking fluency. The school’s program includes German reading and writing. Special emphasis is placed on conversation and oral proficiency. Lessons are designed based on the student’s level of proficiency.

Scary Mommy


It’s truly the most noble profession on this planet.

(Homemade and this time accomplished. Last time my children called them "tennis balls"- but not because they were round ;)
Here the recepie:


330 g flour (fine)
80 ml milk
30 g yeast
1 egg
3 egg yolks
1 pinch salt
40 g icing sugar
1/2 pkt vanilla sugar
1 lemon (rind)
2 cl rum ( I used fresh squeezed lemon juice)
80 g butter
apricot jam (with a little rum for the filling)
flour (for the work surface)
vegetable oil (peanut oil, preferred)
icing sugar (for dusting)

Warm up about 2 tablespoons of milk to drinking temperature and dissolve the yeast in it. Stir in a little flour to create a thick-pasted pre-dough. Sprinkle with flour, cover with a cloth and leave to rise in a warm place (28–30 °C) for about 15 minutes, until the surface begins to show small cracks.

Use the rest of the milk and stir together the egg, egg yolks, salt, icing sugar, vanilla sugar, grated lemon rind and rum. Add the melted butter and beat. Using a blender with a kneading hook, blend the mass with the remaining flour and the yeast dough until smooth.

Cover with a cloth and leave to rise at room temperature for about 1 hour. Knead the dough again and on a floured surface shape into a roll. Cut nut-size pieces about 20 g in weight and, using the palm of your hand, shape into round balls. Dust with flour and press them a little with a baking tray. Place on a baking tray and leave to rise in a warm place.

Heat some oil (160 °C) in a pan for deep frying or in a saucepan and fry a golden brown on both sides. Scoop out and place on a cake grid to drain. Fill a pastry bag with the rum-jam mix and squeeze into the doughnuts. Dust with icing sugar.

GLS is urgently looking for German Language Teachers with native or near-native German proficiency. If interested, please send your cover letter and resume to

[02/02/17]   SAVE THE DATE:

Kinderfasching, February 25, 2017, 2:00 - 5:00pm
The SAGA School invites you to a costume party for children and adults of all ages with music, games, crafts, food and drinks. The Bubbleman will also make an appearance! Tickets are available for $6 per person with reservation (RSVP Form) by February 23rd, $8 at the door, incl. entertainment, crafts, a donut, and drinks. Children ages 0-23 month are free. For more information, email

The German higher education system

Learn more about the German higher education system, the different types of universities and the degrees they offer.


There will be 4 German Movies at the Seattle Childrens Film festival. One director is coming and one screen writer! All pretty amazing. Mark your calendar!
For the whole festival and the purchase tickets, click here.
And here the German movies:
Friday, Feb. 3 @ 7pm & Saturday, Feb. 4 @ 3pm
HEIDI — Seattle premiere
2015, 105 min, Alain Gsponer, Germany/Switzerland (live action)
In this dazzling new film version of the beloved children's book, the adventuresome five-year-old orphan who lives in the Swiss Alps finds her life turned upside down when she must take care of a sick child, Klara. This refreshing rendition of the classic portrays true friendship and devotion.
NOTES TO PARENTS: In German and Swiss-German with English subtitles.
Watch the trailer: (trailer in German, no subtitles)

Sunday, Jan. 29 @ 3pm
FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE — Seattle premiere – Screenwriter
Katrin Milhahn in attendance!
Presented with Portland German Film Festival/ Zeitgeist Northwest!
2016, 97 min, Norbert Lechner, Germany (live action)
Vietnamese sisters Lihn (age 11) and Tien (age 9) must keep a dangerous secret — their mother has had to return to Vietnam, and the girls are on their own in Germany. Their family life would fall apart if the truth were known. But can their feisty 11-year-old friend Pauline understand their plight and earn their trust? This film explores the true meaning of family and friendship, while realistically depicting the compromises and uncertainty that immigrant children face on a daily basis.
NOTES TO PARENTS: In German and Vietnamese with English subtitles. The film raises issues about of the ethics of children keeping secrets to protect one another, and there are scenes of conflict and a few coarse words.
Watch the trailer:

Saturday, Jan. 28 @ 3pm
NELLY’S ADVENTURE — US premiere — director in attendance!
Presented with Portland German Film Festival/ Zeitgeist Northwest
2016, 97 min, Dominick Wessely, Germany (live action)

Thirteen-year-old Nelly’s holiday in Romania takes a very dramatic turn when she accidentally discovers her family’s secret plan to relocate there. Running away to avoid the reality of her fate, she walks straight into the hands of kidnappers! Their leader is an unscrupulous German engineer, plotting to destroy her father’s energy project by forcing the family to leave the country. Nelly, in turn, befriends two young Roma siblings, Tibi and Roxana, who aid her in her adventurous escape. Together, they cross mountains and rivers, flee from a dungeon, board a moving train, “borrow” a car and become the heroes of the day!
NOTES TO PARENTS: In German and Romanian with English subtitles. The young characters in the film face danger. There is some drinking by adults, and a few mild swear words.
Watch the trailer:

Saturday, Feb. 11 @ 1pm
AT EYE LEVEL — US premiere
Portland German Film Festival/ Zeitgeist Northwest
2016, 98 min, Evi Goldbrunner and Joachim Dollhopf, Germany (live action)
11-year-old Michi lives in a children's home, every day fighting to win the respect of the other kids and dreaming of the day he will find his dad. But then he meets Tom – who happens to be a dwarf — and his fantasies turn into complex reality. When the kids find out, Michi's life becomes hell and he flees. With nowhere to go, he moves in with Tom, who is new to this fatherhood thing, while Michi tries to hide his embarrassment from his fellow school kids. This forces Tom to confront his difference head-on. As time passes, Tom and Michi discover they have more in common than other sons and fathers.
NOTES TO PARENTS: In German with English subtitles. The film contains a few harsh swear words and scenes of intense bullying.
Watch the trailer:
The Small Grain of Rice
(Dirk Böhling, Germany, animated, 2016, 6 min) German with English subtitles.
The true story of the meeting that inspired the first SOS-Children's Village outside of Europe.

Tickets to all features available at HOME

The biggest secret to learning a new language, according to a CEO who speaks 7

Language learning, at least once you're past the beginner level, is not about memorizing sequences of random sounds until you can utter them automatically.
Language learning is not about sweating over grammar rules and trying to get them right every time you speak.
Language learning is all about discovering the beauty of another culture. It's like traveling to a far-away, exotic country. It's about being energized by the seductive charm of a new culture.
As you walk through new lands, you soak up the atmosphere of a different people. You immerse yourself in their history, music and food. At every corner you come across something that makes you stop, smile and wonder.
Mastering a language is exactly the same. No matter what language you're learning, let the pulse of a new culture run through your veins. You can't disconnect a language from the cultures it's part of.

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5001 NE 50th St
Seattle, WA

Opening Hours

Saturday 9:30am - 12pm
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