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Videos by The Northwest School in Seattle. The Northwest School is a diverse community of people who challenge each other to learn in a healthy, creative, and collaborative atmosphere of respect for ourselves, others, and the environment.

We broke ground at 401 E Pike for our new building!! Check it out:

Other The Northwest School videos

Fly-Up Ceremony 2017

Lila F. '17 and Kat N. '18 close out our ArtsFest celebrations with a song that transported us to a different time.

Mia H. serenades the crowd with a new original song.

Rebecca C. '18 performs "Down on the Peaks" on the zither during the second half of the student showcase.

Junior Simon S. reveals his unique skill--solving three Rubik's Cubes while completely blindfolded.

Olivia K. playing one of her brand new songs for the Northwest community at the student showcase!

Seventh grader Wesley K. helps get the annual ArtsFest student showcase underway with a Pearl Jam cover that would make Eddie Vedder blush.

Today at Community Meeting, the student body was treated to a snippet of performances from our various dance classes. Here is a quick taste of the performance from our Middle School class, inspired by "Aladdin."

Some highlights from last night's boys' varsity victory over Bear Creek. On Senior Night, our boys' team earned a big victory, finishing the regular season at 19-2 overall with, an 11-1 Emerald City League record, the first time the boys have captured the ECL title in school history. The boys have also qualified for the 1A state tournament. More details to be announced soon!

It is Senior Night in the House tonight! We've got a quardruple-header of games starting with JV girls @ 3:30, JV boys @ 5:00, varsity girls @ 6:30, and varsity boys closing it all out at 8:00 pm! Come and show your support for all of our teams!

Humanities teacher Andy Meyer gave a presentation today at Community Meeting about his travels through Norway as he taught all over the country thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. Andy was so inspired, he finished his presentation with a song from his favorite traveling songster, Bob Dylan, playing "Don't Think Twice" with a slight Norwegian twist.

Eleventh grade Humanities students are currently learning about the Holocaust. Rather than take a test at the end, students are assigned a creative project to connect with the terrible event. "Students find one of many stories of the Holocaust and own it; they create reverence and respect for each story,” says Humanities teacher Suzanne Bottelli. Here is just a glimpse of some of the projects the students created.

Check out this video of Malcom S. ('18) as he and six teammates broke the U-19 Lightweight World Record for the one MILLION meter relay on the ergometer. They finished on Dec. 31, at 3:25 am, after 65 hours, 37 minutes, and 28.8 seconds! They also raised over $5,000 for Outdoors for All Foundation! Congratulations!

Nineteen bricks later, the last bridge has finally fallen and it's time for Winter Break. Congratulations to Logan S. For shattering the old Winterfest record!

Right on target!!!

6th Grade Rube Goldberg machines are here at Winterfest to solve your simple tasks in complex ways!

Today at Community Meeting, we held a pep rally for all of our student-artists! We have a huge run of performing arts coming up, from theater to orchestra. Check out our calendar for all of the dates:

Tibs P. Is going to be a Husky! Here is Tibs signing his national letter of intent to join the University of Washington cross country team.

Many thanks to Shane Shanahan of the Silkroad for stopping by today and giving a percussion/throat singing introduction to our 10th grade class!

Congratulations to our Class of 2016!

Mask, Mime, and Improv brought out a special guest during their Community Meeting performance, much to the delight of the students and faculty.

Sixth grader Wesley K. helps get the student showcase, and the final day of ArtsFest, going with a cover of the country classic "Angel From Montgomery."

It isn't just the students that are talented at this school. Dan, Chris, Dana, Stevie, and Steven took the stage at our annual faculty showcase during today's ArtsFest celebrations.

We are so excited about the new Soundtransit Link Station we had to find a place to help celebrate.

The NWS A Cappella Choir treated the students to some new spins on current hits, with Japera B. ('16) showing Drake what is up.

Makey Makey
Students recently used the invention kit Makey Makey to turn everyday objects into customized keyboards, creating everything from pianos made of fruit to a playable version of Dance Dance Revolution made out of objects found in the classroom.

6th graders are currently using Makey Makey's to learn some basics about coding and what materials can conduct electricity. Here, Mateo G. celebrates creating a piano out of Play-Doh.

Xander R. made sure his senior night was one to remember with a couple of awesome transition dunks! Bill Walton would be proud of the big man running the floor.

Congratulations to Xander R. ('16), who unleashed the first dunk in the history of NWS' boys' basketball team (according to Britt).

The halls of the Northwest School are pretty loud right now as the 9th grade Physical Science students work on designing, building, and testing their catapult design. Read more about the project on our website, and check out a timelapse video Jeremy took of Feynman when construction began.

NWS alum Aaron Loux ('05), a dancer in the Mark Morris Dance Group in Canonic 3/4 Studies, returned to the school to teach several Middle and Upper School dance classes Read about it here:

Our Facilities Manager Bob Martin is on a well-deserved sabbatical in Ethiopia. From the video, it is quite clear that our loss is their gain.

The 7th graders say hello during a dim sum lunch excursion in the International District.

We present you The Northwest School Class of 2015!!!

The Mark Terry Standing Ovation Tour continues as he addresses the graduating class of The Northwest School for the last time.

Mark Terry gave his final lecture of his Northwest School career this morning, and the students gave him a proper standing ovation.

NWS soccer coach and occasional substitute teacher Chris Kaimmer just posted an inspiring video about his non-profit Woza Soccer, which takes teens on inspiring global trips. Check it out below! Amazing work, Chris! For more information about Woza Soccer, visit:

One of the many amazing rocket launches that happened yesterday at Winterfest 2014!

NWS 8th Grader Audrey T. wins this year's Winterfrest Bridge Contest for most bricks held! Her Warren bridge design successfully withstood the weight of five bricks! Congrats!

#TBT to last Friday, Oct. 24, when seniors in #NWSchool Humanities Teacher Suzanne Bottelli’s class were visited by Jacqueline Suskin, who engaged students and talked about her resourceful livelihood as a poet. Suskin publishes her own poems in books and magazines, but also sets up a "Poem Store" at various venues (art museums, farmers markets, private functions) and writes poems "on demand" for people in a flash of two-fingered typing. She presented a brief slideshow, showed her work, then wrote poems for students. She also showed them how manual typewriters work, and generally encouraged them to think about building a life around doing (and sharing) the things that one loves. This fun classroom visit was good timing in the midst of seniors’ mad college dash, and as Suzanne’s class launches into the Quint 2 Poetry Workshop.

This week has been all about Faculty retreats and meetings in preparation of the beginning of the school year. A small but DEDICATED group of faculty gear up for school with the Pata Pata....the school's official dance, led by, of course, Adina!

We broke ground at 401 E Pike for our new building!! Check it out:

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