Gildenfire Dance Videos

Videos by Gildenfire Dance in Seattle. Gildenfire Dance is based in Creative Movement, Modern Dance, Ballet and Yoga. Through games, songs, skill building and introduction to dance concepts, children gain balance, coordination, confidence and a love for dance.

Other Gildenfire Dance videos

Aerial Dancing Loveliness from Cirque Unique Camp today. Mihna whirling and Margot swinging.

First Aerial Class yesterday. Here is Stella doing her Aerial Somersaults during the warm up.

Girls creating dances about relationships. The energy and creativity is intoxicating.

Syncronized Hula Hooping! Awesome fun night!

Syncronized Hula Hooping! Awesome fun night!

Too Cute! Thanks Rebecca!

Monday School Age Students doing an improvisational exercise called "Flocking". 4 groups of 3 dancers, students taking turns leading 8 counts in self-space, 8 counts in general space and 8 more in self space. So lovely to watch!

Impromptu lines running before class.

Thanks Karen for this video of the Monday School Age Dancers!

Monday School Age Dancers at Winterfest

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