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Videos by School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. School of Visual Concepts: Classes in marketing, branding, graphic design, UX, UI, software, letterpress printing, and content creation.

Random Friday: Want to know what happens at SVC after hours?

Other School of Visual Concepts videos

Tracy Wong: How to Design Like a Golfer
In case you missed Tracy Wong of Wongdoody's fantastic Creative Democracy lecture, here's a little excerpt on the importance of strategy.

LP at Lunch
Our next Letterpress: Create at Lunch session takes place Friday March 3rd. Limited spots available. Sign up today! #SVCLetterpress #SVCSeattle

Copywriting Lineup Winter 2017
If you're wondering what writing class this winter is the right fit for you, wonder no more.

Data-Driven Design Sprint 1/31/17 10am - 4pm Well summarized by Jon Aiken (ONE SPOT LEFT) THIS IS A DESIGN SWARM:

WHY should you (writers, visual designers, art directors, PR pros and creative people of all sorts) take Concepts and Big Ideas with Adam Nowak ( Wongdoody)? Jon Aiken tells you why: Class runs: 10/31/16 - 12/5/16 more info:

What do you love and hate about SVC? #1
Beware, we are walking the halls of SVC asking students what they love and hate about SVC..

What writing class should I take?
Not sure what writing class to take at SVC? Jon Aiken, SVC alumnus and Copywriter, is here to help:

Advanced Archery 3-Dimensional Painting Space Exploration & Martian Minimization Today’s SVC workshop participants gained their AR/VR/MR merit badges and are ready to take their new Virtual Reality understanding into the real world workplace. This ain’t your granddaddy’s summer camp.

WITS Broadsides Project The Broadsides Project, Starring Poems by Seattle Children’s Hospital Patients, designed and printed in SVC Letterpress shop by SVC students/instructors/TAs.

Random Friday: Want to know what happens at SVC after hours?

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