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PSCS video: "What's your word?"

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When I Give My Hands to You
Last Week, the PSCS A capella Intensive created several sweet, sweet tunes. Here's one now! Featuring stunning vocals and arrangements by our students and PSCS Teaching Staff member Mr. Scobie Puchtler.

Sitar Performance
PSCS friend and former parent, Mr. Randy Hollinger joined Chrissy's (Christine Wakeling) India Class. Randy is a senior sitar player and his visit was both exciting and informative!

This week's Intensives were some of the best yet: Snowshoeing, Fab Four, Insanity Kontraption, Fate CORE and Shakespeare! Here's a video to wet your whistle, more coming right after this!

PSCS student, Sofia Martin, getting up that purple route at The Seattle Bouldering Project!

PSCS Staff Moves the Library (Timelapse)
End of the school year—PSCS staff moves the Library (how'd they do that so quickly?):

Lunchtime in the sun at PSCS. Happy Spring Break!

Moon Face Band, live at the 2015 PSCS Music Café. Featuring Margaux Bouchegnies, Zane Taylor, and Jamie Forbes. Terrible video by Sieglinde (sorry), but dubbed over with an excellent live audio recording from Gary at Columbia City Theater! Pre-order your copies of the live recording MIX TAPE | CD by emailing sieglinde@pscs.org!

"Silence is a source of great strength" ~ Lao Tzu ~ During an half hour the staff asked the students to take up the challenge: being quiet. A first ever at PSCS #communityhour

"What's Your Word?"

PSCS video: "What's your word?"

PSCS on KIRO 1994!
From the school's first year, PSCS on local news channel KIRO.

ITN News Story 1994
In October, 1994, when the school was all of 1 month old, we were featured on the Independent Television Network in England. How about that?!

PSCS Filmmaking - PB&J Bloopers
Bloopers of PB&J from the 2006/07 Filmmaking Intensive.

PSCS Filmmaking - PB&J
From the 2006/07 PSCS Filmmaking Intensive, it's PB&J!

PSCS Filmmaking - Zombie Love
From the 2006/07 PSCS Filmmaking Intensive, it's Zombie Love!

SIFF Fly Film - Lynn Shelton 2002
This is the 5 minute short documentary esteemed filmmaker Lynn Shelton made about education in 2002 featuring PSCS & Hilltop Children's Center.

International Building - Tour
A 3 minute tour of the new PSCS space for 08/09! This video was taken on 7/10/08, before any of the planned changes were made.

Life & Music - Alan Watts
Trey Parker & Matt Stone, the South Park guys, animate an snippet from the recordings of philosopher Alan Watts. It is a brilliant illustration of one of the basic tenets of PSCS, to live life in the present as opposed to constantly preparing for the future, and in less than 3 minutes.

07/08 Scavenger Hunt
Mother Teresa's Team - Everyone with eye shadow!

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