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Videos by Seattle Girls' School in Seattle. Home to nearly five hundred intelligent and innovative young women since 2000. The SGS mission is to inspire and develop courageous leaders who think independently, work collaboratively, learn joyfully, and champion change.

SGS Resident Artist, Greg Ruby, jams with folks from Jazz Night School -

Other Seattle Girls' School videos

Our students are having fun with glow-in-the-dark art after spending two weeks learning about bioluminescence, mold, and slime!

"This must be what moms feel like on their kids' first day of kindergarten! We built it, and programmed cool!" #thisiswhatanengineerlookslike

8th graders are in the process of testing and troubleshooting their hydraulic arms for a top secret mission. Take a look!

This is one of Rosetta's most requested workshops. You have a rare opportunity to attend because they're not usually open to the public. Feb. 25, 5-7 PM. Register at

Here's a quick clip of the 8th grade hydraulic arm project. How cool is that? The 8th graders are so proud of their work.

The 5th graders harvested Kale today and they're learning how to sort and market the Kale (they'll also enjoy Kale chips). One student is both globally AND locally minded in her thoughts on how to use the proceeds:

Wednesday Workshop week 5. Drill team showing off what they have learned so far.

Was YOUR middle school experience this joyful? Our creative 5th graders made up a song about the ukelele, which they're learning to play.

Kinetic Contraptions - Video Explanation

LIVE from Seattle WE Day!!

SGS Resident Artist, Greg Ruby, jams with folks from Jazz Night School -

2010 Brotherton Champions
Marja Brandon is nominated as a Brotherton Champion. Listen to her clip on KOMO News!

SGS featured on Q13
Q13's Lara Yamada takes a look at SGS and the innovative program that it has to offer.

Wash Your Hands! SGS shows you how!
Q 13 came to SGS to film and report out about how to wash your hands properly! Devin from the 5th grade shared her technique.

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