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Videos by LWGMS: Lake Washington Girls Middle School in Seattle. Lake Washington Girls Middle School prepares girls to be confident young women, strong in mind, body, and voice.

Class of 2014 singing Stand By Me at Festival de Otoño. ❤️

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Second section of STEAM 6 Marionette Parade, kept inside due to deluge and hail (oh, Seattle!) Look at these masterpieces! (Still ever so terrifying.) 😍 #steam

6th grade STEAM Marionette Parade: equal parts 💪🏽 (awesome) and 🤡 (terrifying). #steam

Look at this team of volunteers who ❤️ our girls! Thank you ALL for your 💪🏽s today! 😘

L-Dub's in the Seattle Reign house! Let us know where you're sitting!

A moment of awe and zen with the @hololens. Thank you to our friend @nishant.dani for sharing it with the girls. #nbd #😳 #techisforgirls #vr #hololens

Ok, ok...this is better than a snow day, right? Yay snow! ❄️❤️ #snomg2016

Phantom Tollbooth dress rehearsal...for our pals at Giddens!

#SoyYo! #ThatsMe! A perfect L-Dub fight song, we celebrate "Soy Yo!" and empowering Latinos tonight at Festival de Otoño. “Don’t worry if they don’t accept you,” goes the song’s chorus, in Spanish. “If they criticize you, just say, ‘That’s me.’ ” 💪🏽❤️ Thank you to the Spanish department, students, and volunteers who made this night so wonderful. 😍

A definite highlight of #SIC16: Mela '17 riding a VR rollercoaster. Thanks, @samsungusa!

The faculty and staff had an inspirational and energizing first day back at school yesterday. We spent time catching up, getting to know new members of the community, and getting inspired for a year of creativity and collaboration. Of the many activities Ms. Hearn planned for us, the most inspiring was, How to Draw Toast (yes, you read that right, toast), a simple and fun introduction to Systems Thinking developed by @tomwujec. In just three minutes, each of us sketched a diagram of how to make toast. When comparing diagrams, we were shocked at how diverse the diagrams were, revealing a wide range of models of what's important to each of us about making toast. Then we applied Systems Thinking to The Purpose of L-Dub. Individually, we drew what the purpose of L-Dub was for us. Then we split into four groups, shared our diagrams and thoughts with one another, and brought them all together and created nodes and links to come to a group consensus. Ms. Hearn took this time-lapse video of one group bringing their diagrams together and forming their story. It was so fun…and in the end, all of the groups stories, process, and purposed shared the same center: the girls. We can’t wait for them to come back! #tomwujec #howtomaketoast #systems #nodes #links #systemsthinking #collaboration #innovation

Moving up!

It's so loud. I mean, it's Field Day!

Justin Bieber and Shakespeare you ask? Find out more at opening night of the 8th Grade OAF, Broadway Performance Hall, 7p! #anlwgmsprodunction

More awesomeness from the 8th Grade OAF! Get your tickets today!

Dress rehearsal of 8th grade OAF. Hilarious!

Fuerza Ultimate! 💪🏼

Today, the eighth grade is honored to welcome the admirable, accomplished, and strong supporter of girl power, Rosselle Pekelis, former Washington Supreme Court judge, to their Mock Trial courtroom. Each year, Ms. Jenny’s social studies class studies law and prepares for a mock trial. It is a big part of the eighth grade journey. Many L-Dub graduates continue their interest in mock trial and/or the law in high school, but three graduates of the class of 2013 made the varsity Franklin Mock Trial team as freshmen, and for the past three years their team has made it to the finals of the district competition, and for the past two, to the finals of the state competition. (In 2000, Franklin went all the way to the top, taking first place in the National Competition – the first Washington team to take the national title!) Mock Trial is part of Franklin’s Law and Society class but is cross-listed as a Career and Technical Education course so that students can receive class credits for being a part of the team multiple years. On top of class time, the Mock Trial team spends four to six hours every Friday night at the King County Courthouse, working on their cases and practicing their examinations and cross-examinations. L-Dub graduates have no trouble handling the rigor of this schedule. 💪🏼⚖ But back to L-Dub: Mock Trial is an opportunity for our girls to expand their speaking, writing, reading, and analytical skills while learning about the judicial system. The students play the role of attorneys and witnesses in fictitious cases. To play these roles, students are introduced to a number of life skills that will be helpful to them in their future, such as team work and collaboration; the importance and value of setting goals; the value of strategic planning and implementation; productive argumentative and persuasive skills; critical thinking skills; and the ability to face challenging obstacles with enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence. 💪🏼❤️

Shakespeare in the Park(ing strip). #AnLWGMSProduction

Great season, Fuerza bball! 🏀💪🏼❤️

The sounds of Engineering Guitars. #builtbygirls #lwgms #ldub #likeagirl

#Repost @azulcpm ・・・ Fuerzabots!

Having a great time with our dress rehearsal audience from Leschi Elementary! #lwgms #aliceinwonderland #brownpapertickets #anlwgmsproduction

Today is #MotivationMonday and today we’d like to offer up this little gem—Soleil '17 and Savannah '17 practicing one of their numbers (with two crew members, Lucy '16 and Iyra '16)—to motivate you to buy your tickets to the Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday performance/s of Alice In Wonderland! The cast and crew are at the theatre this week, and the show is guaranteed to put smiles on your faces! Buy tickets on @brownpapertickets at lwgmsalice.bpt.me. See you there! #lwgms #ldub #likeagirl #aliceinwonderland #anlwgmsproduction #brownpapertickets 🎥: @beckfoth

#tbt to last night's Open House! 💪🏼❤️💪🏼❤️ #likeagirl #lwgms #ldub ・・・ My first board!!!

A sweet moment in the hall...

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls' rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. This year’s celebration focuses on the ways in which 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/topics) — including access to education and the eradication of poverty and hunger — can impact and improve the lives of 10-to-19-year-old girls and young women throughout the world. The issues limiting adolescent girls' social, economic, and political options sit at the intersection of sexism and ageism. Around the world, girls still face inequality in a number of areas. They endure discrimination when seeking education, medical care, legal rights, and protection from violence and marriage. In many parts of the world, young girls are still expected to sideline their education in favor of domestic duties. Girls' voices are often silenced or ignored by majority oppressors who don't believe in their worth or ability. International Day of the Girl is about recognizing young women's power and encouraging them to speak out and rise up. If you're interested in changing how you view girls, the best way to start is by educating yourself. Here are last year’s L-Dub girls reciting the GirlUp #Girlafesto. We live and breathe this at LWGMS and hope you all will, too. LWGMS wishes everyone a happy International Day of the Girl. #DayoftheGirl #IDG2015 #likeagirl

A #TenSecondTinker moment for you! This L-Dub class is building electric guitars...from soup to nuts. 💪🏼🎸 #likeagirl #girlswithtools #girlswithtoys

#AED training. Comment here if you know where L-Dub's AEDs are. 🚑❤️

Website update alert! What do you think? www.lwgms.org

The @navyblueangels have been soaring above L-Dub today! Did you all know that one of the Blue Angles' planes is captained by a woman? Capt. Katie Higgings @gearupflapsup is awesome! #flylikeagirl

They're off!!!

Oh yeah! We're on #Vine, people...getting ready for a year of six second videos...like perhaps #lwgmsbrightminds, #lwgmsboldhearts, #ldubsisters, #6secondscience...what sort of videos do you want to see? And who should we follow? Please head on over to follow us!

About 20 seconds after we opened the door. Success!

Thank you to everyone for making this year's auction a historic one! Our community rallied in so many ways and made it a night to remember. Keep an eye on your inboxes for the "numbers email," but until then, here's another look at the auction video! If you love L-Dub, please share...we'll count those numbers, too!

Sophie '17 takes on Pi. Talk about resilience! Well done!

Reese '17 recites Pi. Well done!

The final performance of Shrek the Musical starts at 2p today @Broadway Performance Hall!

T-minus one hour till dress rehearsal of Shrek! Opening night tomorrow at 7, @Broadway Performance Hall! #performlikeagirl

Get psyched! #ldubintothewoods

Pressure cooker! FuerzaBots are in 5th place as of now...woot! #codelikeagirl #FLL

Goal! FuerzaBots!

So much #steam going on! #intel

Thanks so much to the Seattle Storm for featuring LWGMS at the July 3 game. We've been so happy to team up with the Storm and other girl-serving organizations to offer a girls leadership program this summer before select Storm games!

Summer at L-Dub! Never a dull moment. Thank you all of the students and parents here to help today!

"Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles.

This is happening!

This is actually pretty quiet. #steam

Totally Like Whatever, You Know? #taylormali

Let Me Tell You Something About L-Dub...

Class of 2014 singing Stand By Me at Festival de Otoño. ❤️

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