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Videos by The Flight Academy in Seattle. Our mission is to produce safer, more proficient Cirrus pilots through specialized training of the highest quality.

Sometimes getting up early is worth it. Here we are climbing through 12,000 feet early Saturday morning. You'll see Rainier peeking out of the cloud tops a few seconds in.

The lower right corner should allow an option to see this in HD if you'd like. We'd recommend it!

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Landing the SF50 in Greenland.

Steaks in Goose talking with the Canadian Military Hercules pilot.

Here is what a takeoff looks like in the SF50 Cirrus Vision Jet. Departing Bar Harbor.

Landing Bar Harbor in the SF50 Cirrus Jet

Here we go!

We had some chores to take care of today that delayed our departure- such is the life of a ferry pilot. We did get to take a tour of the assembly line though; lots of planes coming down the line! We launch at 0630 tomorrow morning.

The SF50! This is The Jet we are taking to Europe... love at first sight.

Flying the VFR arrival into Alpine Wyoming. #CirrusLife Using the Cirrus for a ski adventure is one of the many things this plane was made for. Learning to fly a Cirrus gives you endless possibilities.

Meio-omyio-Ohio! Lots of fun landing on a grass strip (86OH) in the middle of a corn field in Ohio today just outside of Cincinnati! #CirrusLandGreatonGrass What a beautiful day to go flying!

#CirrusLife Wine Country Adventure Tour 2016
Our #CirrusLife Wine Country Adventure tour has drawn to a close. What a fantastic trip- we traveled to amazing places and admired the natural beauty of the country along the way, made new friends, saw a stunning show, went whale watching, had excellent meals, and the best part: we did it all on our own schedule. This is what the Cirrus Life is all about! We have lots more to show you, and will post more pictures from our adventure in the days to come. Thanks to our great group of adventurers for joining us this year. We had a wonderful time with all of you! Want to join us next time, or learn more? Send us a message or email to We'd love to have you along!

A beautiful day to fly by the St. Louis Arch!

You don't see that every day... ...but you can if you come with us to Alaska in 2017!

Turning glacier ice in to ice cubes

A pod of Orca Whales that we encountered during our fishing day on our Alaska Adventure trip #cirruslife

Flying the LaConte Glacier #CirrusLife #Alaska Adventure

#CirrusLife Final dinner of our European Adventure Trip on the terrace at Il Borro, nice view over looking Tuscany.

#CirrusLife Formation flying in Tuscany. Adam Hahn and Philippe Polman, pilots. Video by Ben Kowalski.

#CirrusLife in partnership with The Flight Academy - formation departure out of Il Borro. Pilots are Philippe Polman and Adam Hahn, video by Ben Kowalski. Great morning in Tuscany!

#CirrusLife Venice, Italy. (landing on grass at Lido)

2 horse power to 315 horse power #CirrusLife

#CirrusLife Hertelendy Kastely Hungary.

#Cirruslife RedBull Hanger 7 Salzburg Austria. Private parking up front!

The first morning of our European Adventure trip, starting in Luxembourg.

Getting ready for our European Adventure in Luxembourg. Sign up now for 2017.

Glacier flying near Juneau Alaska, fun times had by all.

Kayaking on Lake Mendenhall in Juneau, Alaska.

Alaska Adventure day 1. Departing BFI. Its going to be 75 and sunny in Juneau today. Great glacier flying weather.

We got to see the very first production model SF50 do its first flight yesterday. Congratulations to Cirrus Aircraft and all our friends working there!

Sometimes getting up early is worth it. Here we are climbing through 12,000 feet early Saturday morning. You'll see Rainier peeking out of the cloud tops a few seconds in. The lower right corner should allow an option to see this in HD if you'd like. We'd recommend it!

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet taxi
The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is cool even when it is just taxing.

The Flight Academy Alaska Adventure
Join The Flight Academy on our annual Alaska Adventure! You can bring your aircraft or rent one of ours for our guided tour of some of the most beautiful places on the planet. You and a guest will be accompanied by one of our experienced Cirrus expert instructors to keep you safe and help you find all the awesome locales. We'll take care of everything from flight planning to lodging to food and entertainment. Contact us at or give us a call at 866 557-1501 for more information. Space is limited to six aircraft per year.

Flying in Grenville Channel with Maura and Barry on our way from Seattle to Ketchikan in the inside passage. Good times.

Lake Mendenhall, Juneau Alaska. Just one of the beautiful places we visit on our Alaska Adventure. Sign up for June 2015 now.

Glacier flying on our Alaskan Adventure

The first plane heads toward the runway- here we go!

When we do instrument ratings we seek out real clouds. Our Chief Pilot John Fiscus with a client in our G5 FIKI flying in ice and getting ready for an approach.

The Blue Lagoon. First time we ever rented a swimsuit. Very cool place!

The North Atlantic between Greenland & Iceland in the late afternoon.

Landing RW7 BGBW

Pretty cool landing in Lillooet B.C. Canada.

How to fillet a salmon and a Halibut.

Formation flying in Alaska video.

Downtown Juneau at the float plane dock.

Our photo shoot in Alaska with AOPA.

A glacier run down the Daws Glacier in Alaska

One of the benefits of being on Boeing Field... some interesting things go rolling by!

The sea cliffs of Molokai.

Here's another low flyby of the Cirrus Jet from last summer. I posted another one similar to this some months ago and came across this as I was clearing out my phone. If you'd like to see this and you're in the Seattle area, let us know and we'll make sure you get an invite when the Cirrus Jet comes back.

Flying over LAX
This video was taken as I flew over LAX in the VFR corridor (Special Flight Rules area) at 4,500 last week. What a view!

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