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Setting up for Kang-O'Higgins Atelier Show tonight at Axis in Pioneer Square. And guess what? It's First Thursday.

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I Am Gage | Karin Roth
If you were looking for someone who has given their everything to Gage, you need look no further. Karin Roth spent the last five years (!) of her life at Gage as a member of the Aristides Atelier, dedicating her time to intensive study of the classical art forms. Her laugh, her smile and her creative fervor resonates within the Aristides Atelier and lights up the hallways of our academy of art. When you give, you give to people like Karin Roth: artists that are not only passionate about their craft, but also passionate abut Gage. As we come to the end of our academic year, we hope you will consider a gift to help fund our next generation of Karin Roths. P.S. Karin Roth graduates this year. We can't wait to see where her art takes her.

Best of Gage 2017 Finalists.

Best of Gage 2016
Since our 25th annual Best of Gage is tomorrow, June 16, here are last year's finalists, Best in Show and People's Choice! Get VIP tickets or read more about the event -->

Spring Fundraiser: John Freeman
We've been a sanctuary for artists in the Northwest for over 25 years. Consequently, innumerable artists have come to us with diverse intentions: re-igniting their creative spark with a weekend art retreat; strengthening their foundations in drawing before pursuing tattoo artistry or graphic design; or dedicating themselves to mastering their craft through one of our many ateliers. None of this would have been possible without your support. And so, we ask you to participate in our Spring Fundraiser and to help us reach this week's goal of $5000. It's not a big number, but it will go a long way in encouraging creativity, reinforcing foundations and fostering master artistry in the Northwest. When you give, you give to Gage instructors like John who invest their time in encouraging future artists to pursue their craft with passion and youthful zeal.

Volunteer Park Pride with Gage Face Paint
See you at Volunteer Park Pride Festival. There will be buttons, patches and, of course, face painting.

Jeremias Lentini's Gloria from the Magrath Sculpture Atelier. Magrath is accepting a few more applications!

Atelier Show 2. Featuring Aristides, Mark Kang-O'Higgins, Gary Faigin, Flack Atelier students. Opening tonight, 5-8 at Gage. Come and see them in color.

GiveBIG to Gage - May 10
When you GiveBIG to Gage, you invest in an artist's future. GiveBIG today -->

Summer Catalog = Summer Registration
New summer catalog is here! And Summer Registration begins today. You can Register at Didn't get into the class you wanted? Members register early. Early Registration and more benefits can be found at

Studio Art Intensive
Studio Arts Intensive application deadline is Monday, May 8. Register now and build that portfolio!

Setting up for Kang-O'Higgins Atelier Show tonight at Axis in Pioneer Square. And guess what? It's First Thursday.

Interested in animation, 3-D design, drawing or painting? Excellent Teen Workshops are coming up this winter. Join us! Gage offers classical training for contemporary artists. #art #visualart #artist #artschool #artclass #drawing #painting #sculpture #fineart #oilpainting #teen #acrylicpainting #stilllife #youthprograms #animation #3D #illustration #design

Weekend Workshops
Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn about venetian painting techniques of the old masters. Hamid is an AMAZING instructor! Old master techniques and materials have always been the main drive in his pursuit of art education.

Gage Teaching Artist Aron Hart
Happy Halloween! Celebrate with some scary but awesome video of Gage artist Aron Hart drawing a Skull! To watch the complete video, click here:

Enjoy this in-class demo from teaching artist Bill Evans - and special thanks to Aleta Taylor for the video!

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